2. Master in Types Of Organic Reaction

Important types of organic reaction are as follow

  • Additional Reaction : In this type of reaction a molecule or a group of molecules of reactant is added to a molecule connected by a double or triple bond. During this reaction a bond is formed from the double to single bond and triple bond to double bond or single bond is formed.
    CH2 = CH2 + Br2 CH2Br.CH2Br
    ethylene 1:2 dibromo ethane
  • Substitution Reactions : In this type of reaction the molecular/group attached to the carbon atom is displaced by another molecular/group.
    C6H5 → C6H5NO2
    Benzene nitrobenzene
  • Elimination Reaction : In this type of reaction two molecule or groups attached to carbon atoms are removed without being displaced by other molecules or groups.
    types of organic reaction
  • Rearrangement Reaction : During this type of reaction , a molecule or group of molecule is transferred from one molecule to another molecule in the same molecule

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